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Since 1973, AMERICAN COUNTRY COUNTDOWN has kept country music fans up to date on the latest chart action with their favorite artists. Based on the Billboard Hot Country charts, and hosted since 1978 by Bob Kingsley, ACC is a weekly 4-hour music intensive show that brings today's country stars "up close and personal" on your radio.

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Meet the voice - a 1978 ad introducing Bob Kingsley as the new host of ACC

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Click here to see the list of songs for the 4th of July, 1976 special,
"Songs of the American West," hosted by Rex Allen

Click here to see the list of songs for the October 29, 1977 special,
"Ride This Train," hosted by Johnny Cash

Coming soon: a tribute to ACC's original host, DON BOWMAN

Click Here to read one of "The ACC Bicentennial Minutes"!

I really don't know why, but click here to read one of Bowman's legendary (?) fake commercials from ACC!

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*-"My Kind of Country (Theme from 'American Country Countdown')" by Jim Kirk, published by Markwater Music, Inc., BMI (A division of Watermark, Inc.)

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