It's only been in the last few years that Honey has been featured in Looney Tunes games. Her most prominent, of course, is as the object of Bugs's search in the first two Nintendo Crazy Castle games; hopefully, someone will have good quality screen captures of her to include in the future (as well as a large version of the famous "bunny hug" pose from the back of the first game). I was not aware, though, that Honey was featured in a pinball machine! But she is, on the Bally "Bugs Bunny Birthday Ball" model (made in honor of Bugs's 50th birthday). Click on any of the small pictures below to see larger versions. (And many thanks to the various places around the web that had the good sense to post these.)

1. The machine. 2. The backglass.

3. What would a birthday cake be without a cute girl popping out of it, especially Honey? (But who let Daffy and Sylvester in there with her???)

4. The promotional flyers for the Bugs Bunny Birthday Ball machine.