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This site is always going to be under construction, but here's a few pictures I found on the web just to get the whole thing started.
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Honey Bunny Teacup
A terrific Honey Bunny in her "lop-ear gray" era (1980) on a no-longer-made teacup.
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Honey Bunny Squeeze Toy
The Ladies of Looney Tunes have always gotten short shrift in the toy division; however, here's a picture of a Honey Bunny squeeze toy, circa 1992.
Bugs and Honey Bunny Golden Book Paper Dolls-Front CoverBack Cover
Here's an early 80s Golden Book Bugs & Honey Bunny Paper Doll Set.
Honey Bunny Dakin Toy
From the early 80s Dakin Looney Tunes series, a rare Honey Bunny figure.
Honey Bunny Booze Bottle!?
All right, not even Honey gets all the glamorous modeling jobs--this has to be the most ham-fisted depiction I've ever seen! An Italian liquor dispenser, of all things!
Brach's® Lid
It was impossible to scan the whole Valentine Brach's® Candy tin w/Bugs & Honey & other Looney Tunes in the Tunnel of Love. Will the lid do?
Honey Bunny Button
A rare souvenir from Magic Mountain of the 1981 version of Honey.
1982 Honey Bunny Mariott's Glass
Here's another rare Mariott's souvenir, from 1982. Lord have mercy, Honey's got her blue jeans on...
Honey Bunny plate
Here's a rarity...a plate too cute to eat off of!
Honey Bunny Ceramic Bank
Another rare "lop-ear" Honey depiction, a ceramic bank (one of a series of Looney Tunes collectible banks).
French Bugs & Honey Glass
From France, Bugs regards Honey as a real work of art.
Bugs & Honey 50s Salt & Pepper Shakers
Bugs and Honey relive a decade that Honey wasn't even around for in these nifty salt & pepper shakers.
Honey Bunny Resolves...
The colorful box for a large (16 0z.) Honey Bunny mug from the WB Studio Store.
Honey Bunny Briefs Case
Modesty forbids...
Honey Bunny Model Sheet
This is a real find: the Honey Bunny model sheet that WB sent out to licensees.

You might find more Honey Bunny collectables in this book, "Looney Tunes Collectibles : An Unauthorized Guide," the first-ever book on the subject of all things Looney, by Debra S. Braun, published by Schiffer Books (159 pages, softbound,$29.95 suggested retail price). On the plus side, it's got over 450 pictures of various LT stuff, all in color; on the minus side, they're not grouped by character, and there's no index, so finding your favorite LT character will take some doing.

Now, if you'll step this way, Honey will invite you inside her Gallery. Please don't spill any carrot juice on the carpeting...

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The Honey Bunny Home Page is dedicated to the memory of her creator
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