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I've always thought of Honey as a work of art; here, in the Gallery, you can see that I'm not alone in this opinion. To make viewing these pictures easier, I've now added thumbnails. Click on the smaller images to see the larger ones.

Bugs and Honey Bunny
(1)"Bugs and Honey Bunny"
A very rare limited edition "cel" created for the collector's market, based on an original sketch by Honey's creator, Robert McKimson.
Visit Animation Art for price information.
Will Ya?
(2)"Will Ya?"
One of the last pieces of Looney Tunes art done by the late WB animation director, Virgil Ross. (Notice that "Honey" is misspelled on the box of chocolates.)
A Little Slice of Heaven
(3) "A Little Slice of Heaven"
A 1999 WB Sericel, featuring Bugs & Honey Bunny.
Click HERE for a larger view.

(4) "Valentine"
Chuck Jones features Honey in a terrific role-reversal: this time, she's sweeping Bugs off his feet (but do you think he minds?)!
Click the picture to see the larger image.
Find this and more Honey Bunny stuff guessed it...
Acme Pitstop
(5) "Acme Pitstop"
Bugs is more interested in Honey as the "pump girl" than in getting back in the race in this limited edition WB cel.
The Prince's Bride
(6) "The Prince's Bride"
Bugs and Honey in another classic Chuck Jones piece.
Both 5 & 6 can be seen, along with a whole lot more great animation art at Gremlin Animation!

The Pyramid Scheme
(7) "Pyramid Scheme"
Honey looks like "da queen of da Nile" in this limited edition Looney Tunes all-star piece.
Click HERE for a larger version!
It's A Gamble
(8) "It's A Gamble"
is the title of this LT all-star piece. Yosemite Sam has the fix in at the table, unaware that the other Looney Tunes have fixes of their own going. Honey is clearly enjoying herself.
Softail Sweethearts
(9) "Softail Sweethearts"
Back in the gallery--Bugs and Honey on a special Limited Edition print produced for Harley-Davidson®.

Color Honey Bunny!
(10)Color Honey Bunny!
Just for fun--A B&W image of Honey for you to color!
Who's Minding The Mine?
(11)"Who's Minding The Mine?" Title Card
Click on Furrball (see kitty below) for the story link.
And click HERE to see the picture without text.
The first of four Chuck Jones originals based on famous operas, and one of two which feature Honey.
For more information, go to the OFFICIAL

Web Page!

La Boheme
(13)"La Boheme"
This is the other CJ original featuring Honey in an operatic role. Again, go to the OFFICIAL
Bugs Bunny Comic Book
(14)Bugs Bunny Comics #178
Honey's first appearance was in the Nov. 1966 issue of Gold Key's BUGS BUNNY Comics, #108. This cover is from a later issue, but shows what she looked like in the beginning. Pic courtesy of Kevin Mickel
Honey Bunny makes her debut!
(15)Honey Bunny's debut!
This is the comic book that introduced Honey Bunny to the world. Click HERE to see the full story!
NOTE: The full size picture is quite large.

More Bull Than The Market Can Bear
Bugs, Honey, Daffy and Ma Bear play the stock market in this limited edition titled "More Bull Than The Market Can Bear."

Here's a real find: an early Honey Bunny model sheet for her comic book appearances! (Thanks, Thorne!)
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The Honey Bunny Home Page is dedicated to the memory of her creator
Robert McKimson

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