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Updated April 1, 2003

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Melanie Taylor Kent's "Tunetown Suite" added to the Gallery!
Bugs & Honey comic book stories added!:
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Hi! Welcome to my little hutch on the internet! You'll notice I've done a little redecorating around here. To make it easier to get around my little "Home Sweet Hutch" on the net, click on the buttons you see below. They should be pretty self-explanatory, but in case they aren't:
means the page where you can see some of the stuff Honey's been featured on through the years
is where you can see pictures of our gal Honey;
is where you can see Honey's debut appearance;
is where you can see 2 biographies of the man who created her, the legendary WB animator/director Robert McKimson;
and takes you to the newest place in Honey's home, the Game Room!
If they're working correctly, they should take you where you want to go...if they're working correctly. (Wile E. did the wiring...I know, but they aren't Acme products, so we should be safe!) Let me know if they work. And thanks for dropping by...and do sign the guestbook before leaving. Thanks!
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