In addition to their regular weekly series, Watermark produced several widely acclaimed specials. I'll be adding more as information becomes available.

THE ELVIS PRESLEY STORY - The first Watermark special, a 13-part radio program produced by Ron Jacobs and narrated by WINK MARTINDALE (Sorry - link not active yet)
THE FAB FOURTH - A 4th of July, 1989 ABC Watermark special celebrating the 25th Anniversary of the Beatles in America. 4 hours, 4 LPs with network commercials. Other information unavailable at present.
Special note for former H20Markers:
If you ever worked for Watermark and can supply information on any of the shows produced, or special memories of the company, please contact me through the guestbook. Thank you.
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This address and phone number no longer active.
This address and phone number is no longer active.