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Our story so far.....
Information provided by Bob Moke:
"The Story Lady" was part of a huge...and hugely funny...syndicated package of short radio bits originating in LA during the 60s by Mel Blanc Productions, a group which included Mel Blanc, Gary Owens, Joanie Gerber, Lennie Weinrib, Arte Johnson and Byron Kane.
Along with The Story Lady, there was a continuing soap opera "Return To PaperPlates," plus bogus movie trailers, TV shows, commercials, and just plain silliness. The Steve Allen/Gary Owens play-on-words type of humor is quite evident.

The Story Lady
with Joan Gerber and Byron Kane

The music box theme of The Story Lady: the music box tune is Papageno's introductory aria from Mozart's opera "The Magic Flute."
Please note that these are not necessarily in original broadcast order

201 Episodes! (Wonder how many there were!?!)

The Story Lady
with Joan Gerber and Byron Kane

Episode #Episode Description
001 The Brave Little Tailor
002 Romeo and Juliet
003 The Magic Cloak
004 The Tortoise and the Hare
005 The Lonely Elf
006 The Frog and the Grilled Cheese Sandwich
007 The Frog Prince
008 Tom Thumb
009 The Princess and the Pea
010 Rumpelstilskin
011 The Poor Shoemaker
012 The Emperor's New Clothes
013 Hansel and Gretel
014 Casey at the Bat
015 The Enchanted Tree
016 Johnny Appleseed
017 The Little Tailor
018 The Magic Needle
019 The Prince and the Enchanted Snail
020 The Violin and the Princess
021 The Little Toy Soldier
022 King Midas and the Golden Touch
023 Blackbird Pie
024 Hobgoblin and the Beautiful Lady
025 Beauty and the Beast
026 Princess Edna and the Knight
027 The Giant and the Tadpole
028 Harold and the Magic Chicken Salad
029 Lady Your Sign Fell Down
030 The Fisherman and His Wife
031 The Real King
032 The Magic Suitcase
033 The Princess and the Pig
034 The Genie and the Wine Bottle
035 The Format Change
036 Herbie Franklin the Rat
037 The Pony Express
038 The Frog and the Elf
039 The Lost Continent of Atlantis
040 Little Jack Horner
041 The Centipede's Secret
042 Lolita
043 Live Audience
044 The Curse of the Voodoo Doll
045 The Brave Polish Soldier
046 The Magic Chicken
047 The Old Witch and the Dragon
048 The Perfect Pony
049 The Woodman's Sacrifice
050 The Prince and the Dragon
051 Kissinger the Great
052 Beauty and the Beast
053 The Knight and the Glass Mountain
054Mary Poppins
055The Little Steam Engine
056 The Man Who Knew Everything
057 The Headless Horseman
058 The Secret Rhinoceros
059 Pegasus the Winged Horse
060 The Handsome Moose
061 The Pied Piper of Hamlin
062 The Royal Wedding Bells
063 The Enchanted Pond
064 How I Became a Story Lady
065 The Avaricious King
066 The Pinkus Sisters
067The Old Lady
068 Gulliver
069 The Indian Chief and the Scout
070Robin Hood
071 The Magic Potion
072 The Boy Who Stuck His Finger in the Dike
073 The Ambitious Pussy Cat
074Hansel and Gretel
075 The Count and the Gypsy Girl
076 Paul Bunyon Gets the Axe
077Johnny Appleseed
078The Wizard of Oz
079 The Shoemaker and the Elves
080 The Adventures of Tom Thumb
081 Sleeping Beauty
082The Fox and the Grapes
083 The Tortoise and the Hare
084 The Crooked Man
085 The Little Girl and the Necklace
086 Oedeipus and the Creamed Spinach
087 Davy Crockett
088 The Lonely Musician
089Rip Van Winkle
090 The Old Lady Who Live in a Shoe
091 Rapunzel
092Jack and the Beanstalk
093 The Unhappy Baboon
094I've Forgotten the Name of Today's Fable
095 The Little Thief
096The Fountain of Youth
097 The Stupid Prince
098 The Hunchback of Notre Dame
099 Robinson Crusoe
100 Goldilocks and the Three Bears
101 Grune Hilda and the Traveling Prince
102The Fox and the Dog
103 The Story Lady Breaks Up
104Teeny Tiny
105 Dumbo the Flying Elephant
106 The Elephant's Graveyard
107The Curse of the Pentagram
108 Curse of the Gorgan

These are not the original episode numbers, if they had any at all.

Episode #Episode Description
201The Princess and the Warthog
202 The Crow and The Pitcher
203 The Witch's Fudge
204The Three Little Pigs
205 The Ugly Caterpillar
207The Boy Who Cried Wolf
208 The Greatest Genie
209 Little Red Riding Hood
210The Owl Who Was Not Wise
211The Golden Plate
212 The Wizard of Oz
213 The Glass Mountain

The Following are called "The un-numbered Episodes".
The numbers you see below are for reference only - These episodes do not have numbers on
any lists that I am aware of.

Episode #Episode Description
301 Achilles Heel
302Alice in Wonderland
303 Androcles and the Lion
304Betty and the Wet Dog
305 Billy the Kid
306 Bonnie and Clyde
307Cadmus and the Dragon
308 Calamity Jane
310The Count of Monte Cristo
311 Diogenes and His Lamp
312 Don Quixote
313Dr. Doolittle
314 Florence Nightengale
315 Gone with the Wind
316Hans the Candy Maker
317 Herbie the Whale
318 Horatio Alger
319 How Zebras Got Their Stripes
320 Island of the Giants
321 Jane Eyre
322 Joan of Arc
323Jumping Frog Contest
324 King Arthur
325 King of the Insects
326 King of the Jungle
327 Legend of Paul Bunyon
328 Les Miserable
329 Little Dragon Slayer
330 Mary Poppins
331 Moby Dick
332 The Musician and the Frog
333 The Nectar of Wisdom
334 Of Human Bondage
335 Pancho Villa
336 Pandora's Box
337 Picture of Dorian Grey
338 The Princess and the Clown
339 Putting a Bell on a Cat
340 The Shaggiest Dog in the World
341 The Snail and the Sea Serpent
342 The Story Lady Late
343 Swiss Family Robinson
344 The Tap Dancing Fool
345 The Acrobat and the Princess
346 The Bottle Story
347 The Boy and the Strange Bottle
348 The Brothers Karamazov
349 The Elephant Boy
350 The Enchanted Door
351 The Enchanted Stone
352 The Fairys Gift
353The Flea and the Elephant
354 The Flunking Scholar
355 The Forest Ranger and the Grizzly
356 The Girl Who Cried Wolf
357 The Gold Bug
358The Golden Braids
359 The Handsome Prince
360The King and the Pauper
361 The King's Bunions
362 The King's Dilemma
363 The King's Ransom
364 The Laughing King
365 The Little Pig Who Wanted to Fly
366 The Magic Painting
367 The Old Witch and the Magic Mirror
368 The Sea Wolf
369 Scherezade
370 The Siren Song
371 The Three Billy Goats and the Troll
372 The Toad King
373 The Two Sisters
374 The Ugly Duckling
375 The Wicked Troll
376 The Wizard and the Queen
377 The Wizards Birthday
378 The Three Musketeers
379 The Witch's Riddle
380 The Wolf Boy of India


The Story Lady is ©1968, 2002 Mel Blanc Productions.