Byron the Elf:...And now once again it's time for another story from...

What are you going to tell us today, Story Lady?

S.L.: Today I'll tell you the stroy of "The Princess and the Pea."

(SFX: Music box)

S.L.: One stormy night a young girl came to the door of a castle, and insisted she was a princess. It so happened that the young prince was looking for a wife, but this girl was so wet and bedraggled that no one could tell if she was a real princess.

So they gave her a stack of 20 mattreses to sleep on, and, without her knowing, they put a tiny pea under the bottom mattress. A true princess, they knew, could never sleep comfortably with that pea under those 20 mattreses.

And the next morning, a wonderful thing happened! The princess awakened and sat up in bed, whereupon she cracked her head on the ceiling, and went around for the rest of her life claiming she was Rory Calhoun.

B: Thank you, Story Lady. Next time, boys and girls, The Story Lady will tell us all how to palm an ace and win at blackjack.

©1968, 2001 Mel Blanc Productions.