Byron the Elf:...And now it's time for

What are we going to hear today, Story Lady?

S.L.: Today, boys and girls, we're going to hear the story of "Tom Thumb."

(SFX: Music box)

S.L.: Once upon a time there was a poor miller and his wife, who had no children. The miller's wife said, "If I only had a child, I wouldn't care if he was only as big as my thumb." And so, very shortly, they had a little boy as big as a thumb. And they named him Tom Thumb.

Tom Thumb was so small that he was always in the way when the miller's wife wanted to sweep; and they could never find him when it was time for dinner.

In spite of the problems he caused, they wanted to keep Tom Thumb, so the miller and his wife had him chrome-plated, and used him as a hood ornament on their '37 Packard. And it was the prettiest hood ornament in the neighborhood!

B: Thank you, Story Lady. Tune in next time, boys and girls, when The Story Lady will tell you all about how Albert Anastasia got gunned down in the barber shop of a beautiful hotel.

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