Byron th' E'f:...An' now, fellas an' gals, it's time fo' t'other viset wif

S.L.: Today's sto'y is one ah call, "The..."...uh..."...Frog an' the...", dawgone it..."...Grilled Chees San'wich"! Fry mah hide! An' it goes sumpin like this:

(SFX: Music box)

S.L.: Um, dawgone it...once upon a time, thar was this, uh, trimenjus green frog, an', one day he was sittin' on a lily pad, an' along came this hyar peekoolyarr, an' this hyar peekoolyarr says, um, "Is thar ennyone hyar who be hankerin' a grilled cheese san'wich?" An' th' froggy said, uh...

B: Uh, Sto'y Lady?

S.L.: Yessuh?

B: Whar did git a sto'y like thet?

S.L: Oh, it's, um, dawgone old favo'ite of mine.

B: Wal, it soun's as eff'n yer jest makin' it up as yo' hoof it along, acco'din' t' th' code o' th' heells!

S.L.: All right, so whut eff'n ah's? So whut?

B: Wal, it's jest thet...

S.L.: Look, ah went t'a party last night, an' ah ovahslepp an' jest got up a ha'f hour ago, an' ah didn't haf time t'prepare, so, whut does yer hankerin' fum me?

B: Wal, ah mean, as enny fool kin plainly see...

S.L.: Besides, ah reckon "Th' Frog an' th' Grilled Cheese San'wich" is a fine sto'y. ah reckon ah make them up purdy fine! Fry mah hide! W'd yo' like t'hear th' ress of it?

B: Uh, no, thank yo'. We is outta time fo' today. But be sho'nuff t'tune in t'morry, fellas an' gals, when Th' Sto'y Lady will tell us th' heartwarmin' sto'y of...

S.L.: Um, the, uh..."Th' Spider & Th' Blueberry Blintz."

©1968, 2001 Mel Blanc Produckshuns.