Byron th' E'f:...Now it's time fo' today's viset wif...

S.L.: Today's sto'y is one thet ah call, "Th' Frog Prince."

(SFX: Music box)

S.L.: Once upon a time in a kin'dom far away, an evil witch put a curse on a hansum yo'ng prince, an' turned him into a frog, tellyng him thet he'd remain a frog until a right purdy princess came along an' gave him a kiss.

Menny years passed, an' then one day a lovely princess was skippin' gaily along in th' garden of her castle near a pond, cuss it all t' tarnation. All of a sudden she spied a frog on a lily pad, cuss it all t' tarnation.

"Oh, whut a hansum li'l froggy! Fry mah hide!" she exclaimed, cuss it all t' tarnation. An' wif thet, she picked up th' frog an' gave it a kiss.

Instantly, she got a whole bunch of warts on her lips.

B: Thank yo', Sto'y Lady. Be lissenin' next time, fellas an' gals, when Th' Sto'y Lady tells th' heartwarmin' sto'y of th' St. Valentine's Day Massacre.

©1968, 2001 Mel Blanc Produckshuns.