Byron the Elf: Time once again for another visit from

S.L.: Hello, children. Today, we're going to hear the story of "Princess Edna and the Knight."

(SFX: Music Box)

S.L.: Once upon a time there was a beautiful fair princess - the Princess Edna. And Princess Edna was captured and locked in a castle tower by a wicked witch. And she could only be released through the love of one who would love her enough to slay the dragon of the deep woods.

And one day, after many months had passed, a knight rode by on a white horse, and he spied the lovely princess in the tower, and he rode to her window and said, "I have seen you from afar, but I know that I love you, and that my love for you knows no limits. I will do anything to make you my bride!"

And the Princess Edna said, "Oh, I will marry you, but I am the Princess Edna, and can only marry you if you slay for me the fire- breathing dragon who lives in the deep woods."

And the knight drew himself up on his horse and said, "Could you direct me to the castle of Princess Shirley?"

B: Be with us next time, boys and girls, when The Story Lady returns with the beautiful story of "The Elf with the Impacted Wisdom Tooth."

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