Byron the Elf: Once more, boys and girls, it's time for

S.L.: Today's story is one I call, "Beauty and the Beast."

(SFX: Music Box)

S.L.: Once upon a time, there was a lovely young girl named "Beauty," who was forced to live in a castle owned by a terrible looking man who was known as "Beast." It took many, many months before Beuaty got used to the sight of Beast, but day by day, as she came to know him better, she not only became used to the appearance of Beast, but she learned to like him as well.

One day, Beauty realized that she was falling in love with the Beast. When the Beast saw what was happening, he told Beauty that if only she were willing to marry him, a magic transformation would take place. So Beauty agreed to marry the Beast.

And guess what, boys and girls? Marriage DID cause a transformation to take place!

Beauty turned into a beast, and spent the next 40 years nagging and playing cards every Tuesday afternoon.

B: Thank you, Story Lady. Next time, boys and girls, The Story Lady will tell us how a famous ape man got flattened by a herd of elephants, when they found out what "umgawa" means.

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