Byron the Elf:And now it's time once again for today's visit with

S.L.: Today, boys and girls, we're going to hear the story I call, "The Little Toy Soldier."

(SFX: Music Box)

S.L.: Once upon a time there was a box with 24 tin toy soldiers, and they all stood very straight and tall and wore bright blue uniforms. But one little toy soldier was something very special.

The little boy who owned the tin soldiers set them all out on the table with all his other toys. When it was time for bed, the little boy left all his soldiers on the table, and then turned out the light and went to sleep.

Now that the house was still and silent, the toys all began to come to life. The Jack-in-the-box jumped out of his box, and the little toy dog barked, and the little toy soldiers marched up and down the table. Up and down they marched - all except that one little toy soldier! He just stood there and looked and looked and looked, but he was something very special.

Suddenly, he reached in his bright blue uniform and pulled out his draft card and burnt it! And with that, he jumped out of the window, and ran far, far away to Canada, where he was melted down and used as a firing pin for a Browning automatic.

B: Thank you, Story Lady. Be listening next time, boys and girls, when The Story Lady will tell the delightful story of "Izzy and the Lucky Pig."

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