Byron the E'f: Once agin it's time fo' t'other viset wif

S.L.: Howdy, fellas an' gals! Today we is a-gonna hear th' sto'y ah call, "Th' Brave Li'l Tailo'."

(SFX: Music Box)

S.L.: Once upon a time, thar was a li'l tailo'. An' one day while he was wawkin' in his shop, thar were some flies buzzin' aroun' him, dawgone it. An' so he picked up a fly swatter, an' killed seven of th' flies wif one blow.

When he told someone thet he had killed seven wif one blow, th' sto'y spread, cuss it all t' tarnation. But as rumo's will grow, varmints fo'got thet th' li'l tailo' had only killed seven flies, an' so he gained a repeetayshun as a brave giant killer.

Then one day, a REAL giant came t'th' li'l village, an' th' varmints of th' village sent th' li'l tailo' t'face th' giant. Though he was mighty, mighty frightened, th' li'l tailo' did not let th' giant see this, but shouted, "Yo' had better hoof it away, giant, fo' ah's th' great giant killer who killed seven wif one blow! Fry mah hide!"

An' th' giant turned aroun' an' went away. An' th' town had a trimenjus celebrashun fo' th' tailo', until later thet night, when th' giant came back wif eight of his buddies.

Byron: Thank yo', Sto'y Lady. Be lissenin' next time, fellas an' gals, when th' Sto'y Lady tells us th' sto'y of th' Fairy Princess an' her Magic Bunny.

(Music box out.)

Th' Sto'y Lady is ©1968, 2001, Mel Blanc Produckshuns.