Byron the Elf:...Now it's time for another visit with

S.L.:Hello, children! Today we're going to hear the story I call "the Magic Needle."

(SFX: Music box)

S.L.: Once upon a time there was a very poor young seamstress, and one day an emmisary from the royal palace came to the seamstress and told her that she had been selected to make the Queen's gown for the royal ball.

Of course the young girl was overjoyed, but then she was told that the gown must be ready for the queen the very next day. She knew that she could not finish it, and she began to cry.

Suddenly, there appeared in a puff of smoke a kindly godmother who said, "Do not cry, for I bring to you this magic needle," and in a puff of smoke the fairy godmother was gone, but in her place there was a shiny gold needle.

The young seamstress set to work, and the needle began to sing: "Sew, sew, stitch-stitch-stich..." And by the next morning, she had made the most elegant gown ever.

When the queen came to see the gown, she took it from the young seamstress, and looked around her shabby shop and said, "I'll take the blue one in the window."

Byron: Thank you, Story Lady. Be with us next time, boys and girls, when The Story Lady tells us the lovely tale of "The Hobgoblin Who Fell In The Chcocolate Pudding."

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