Byron the Elf:...Now it's time for another visit with

S.L.: Today's story is one I call "Hansel and Gretel."

(SFX: Music box)

Once upon a time, there were two little German children named Hansel and Gretel, which sounds silly over here, but in Germany, it's like Ralph and Harriet, which still sounds silly.

One day they took a walk in the forest and got very lost, and very scared until they came upon a gingerbread house. Immediately Gretel forgot about her low carbohydrate diet, and ate a window ledge.

As she was finishing her snack, an old lady appeared, who they claimed wanted to eat them. They pushed her in an oven and said it was self-defense, and lived happily ever after, until the Nuremberg war trials.

B: Thank you, Story Lady. Be listening next time, boys and girls, when The Story Lady tells us the moving legend of the fat man who blew off his toe.

©1968, 2001 Mel Blanc Productions.