Byron the Elf:And now, boys and girls, it's time once again for...

(SFX: Music box)

S.L.: Once upon a time, there was a poor shoemaker who could no longer repair shoes fast enough or good enough to support himself.

One night as the shoemaker slept, some tiny elves came to his shop, and spent all night busily repairing shoes. When the shoemaker awoke, to his amazement he found all his work done. And every night for the next two months, the same thing happened.

Just as the old shoemaker began to regain his health and become prosperous, a union organizer showed up and opened collective bargaining on behalf of the elves, who demanded retroactive triple overtime for working at night, plus medical and dental benefits, and a full-pay retirement pension plan.

There was only one thing the shoemaker could do...

He brought in automation, and is now giving Florsheim and Thom McAn a run for their money!

B: Thank you, Story Lady. Be listening next time, boys and girls, when The Story Lady will tell you about the naughty boy who blew up his goldfish.

©1968, 2001 Mel Blanc Productions.