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British Ice Cream Flavors

Stan Freberg here. Ben & Jerry's Ice Cream has just finished a contest to select the quintessential British ice cream flavor. How about "Minty Python"? Or, "Jack the Ripple"? Well, those were just the runners-up. More British flavors when I come back. [:60 SPOT BREAK]

Freberg again. Ben & Jerry's Ice Cream just got through selecting the ultimate British flavor out of thousands of entries. They wanted a kind of "pun" flavor along the lines of their successful American flavor, "Cherry Garcia"--hmm, my favorite.

Anyhow, the winner was "Cool Brittania." Not bad. As the man who produced the successful "Encyclopedia Britanica" TV spots for four years, it sounds okay to me. But some of the 7500 losers might have been better.

How about this, for British flavors: "Minty Python"? "Jack the Ripple"? Or how about "The Rolling Scones"?

Speaking of rock musical names, "John Lemon" was suggested, as was "Ruby Chewsday."

Literary references included "Grape Expectations" and "Agatha Crispy."

And speaking of the Royal Family, "Charles and Diana Split" would've gotten my vote. The flavor "Vanilla Parker-Bowles," after Princce Charles' longtime friend Camilla Parker-Bowles, was probably deemed in bad taste.

How 'bout..."Cream Elizabeth"?

Stan Freberg here.

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