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(NOTE: Recently, I sent an email to Harv Moore asking about his involvement with the Cruisin' albums, and he was gracious enough to not only send this reply, but fill us in on what he's been up to since his days at WPGC. Harv, thank you. - Lee, Cruisin' Webmaster.)

The Cruisin' '69 album is an interesting saga.

A friend of mine in D.C. had a music tip sheet, and he told me a guy named Howard Silvers was trying to locate me to do a Cruisin' LP. He was very persistent, so I finally called him. He said he wanted to do a Cruisin' '68 for Baltimore, and wondered if I had any tapes of myself.
I told him I never worked in Baltimore...I worked in D.C. He said, "Well, Baltimore/Washington are considered one market". I told him I would look. I really never wanted to go into my basement archives, and start searching for airchecks. I didn't really save airchecks. Again, he was persistent, so I acquiesced. The only tape I found from circa '68 was a complete aircheck from 1969. I sent it to Howard, and he loved it. The only thing I did was cut an intro and an outro here in Buffalo. The rest of it was "pristine".

Harv Moore revisited:
I left WPGC in 1975. My boss at 'PGC, Bob Howard, bought WPHD-FM, and WYSL-AM here in Buffalo, and asked me to come here to work for him. I had worked for him since 1963, so we had a good working relationship. He sold the stations in 1989. The new owners came in and cleaned house - I mean EVERYBODY - 'cept me. I stayed on for a while, but decided to move on. I was doing the morning show with my friend Bob Taylor - The Taylor & Moore Show...highly successful. We had created the mythical Land of Fa - ruled by the Fa King. We told every Fa King joke you can think of. It was hilarious if I do say so myself. (We put a CD out a coupla years ago, and it was the #1 best seller here in Buffalo for months) Anyway, the new owners thought they were building a better mousetrap, and brought in a new morning show. I think they had 4 different hosts in 4 weeks. Taylor and I went to another station in town, but we were on in the afternoon, and the format was different.

In 1995, independent record promoter Jerry Meyers and I started a small record company, producing and recording local singers. In 1998, the program director of Oldies 104 (WHTT) coaxed me into doing a Saturday show. Then, they asked my to do 12n-3p Monday thru Friday. Then, they asked me to be Assistant Program Director, and do 10a-3p Monday thru Friday. So that's where I am today.

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