Porky Chedwick
WAMO, Pittsburgh
Increase INCD-3000
Released: September 1993
NOTE: To date, this is the last Cruisin' album.

Resume/Where is he now?
WHOD [Pittsburgh PA] 1948
WAMO [Pittsburgh] 1956
KQV [Pittsburgh] 1972
WNRZ [Pittsburgh] 1985-1986
WAMO-FM [Pittsburgh] 1996
WWSW-FM [Pittsburgh] 1998
WLSW [Scottdale PA] 2000
Now: Sunday evenings at WLSW-FM, Scottdale PA, and Saturdays 11-Noon on WAMO.
Craig "Porky" Chedwick, THE "Daddio of the Raddio", has been playing those "dusty discs" for over 50 years, and it's not an exaggeration to say that without Porky Chedwick, oldies rock and roll radio, and maybe even rock and roll radio as we came to know it wouldn't have happened. Period. To read all about this neglected rock radio pioneer, click here.

Porky Intro/Theme WHISPERIN' BELLS - The Del Vikings(3:03) Skyliners/WAMO Promo LOVE WALKED IN - Flamingoes(3:16) Bruno's Sunoco Station Commercial Shirley & Lee/WAMO Promo FANNIE MAE - Buster Brown(3:36) Mission Beverage Commercial/Porky Promo THOSE OLDIES BUT GOODIES - Nino & The Ebbtides(3:15) Du Quesne Brewing Commercial Wilbert Harrison WAMO/Promo FLIP FLOP AND FLY - Joe Turner(3:14) Porky Info/Woodland Drive-In Theatre Remote Promo/Porky Show Promo THIS I SWEAR - Skyliners(3:07) Kubins Record Store Commercial Johnnie & Joe/WAMO Promo HEY SENORITA - Penguins(3:00) Abreola Brothers Auto Parts Commercial Bullmoose Jackson/WAMO Promo HEART AND SOUL - Spaniels(2:35) Highway Tuxedo Commercial THE TEN COMMANDMENTS OF LOVE - Harvey & The Moon Glows(4:48) WAMO Promo/Stop & Go Markets Commercial Bullmoose Jackson Promo BLUE MOON - Marcels(2:13) Porky Theme/Platter Pushin' Papa Promo.

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