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Coca-Cola Presents...

America's Teens Like
The Bill Cosby Show

Bill Cosby--the man who can talk to teens in their own language--began a series of radio programs for The Coca-Cola Company and Coca-Cola bottlers this year.

Early reports indicate that teenagers are listening--and like the show.

Radio stations in such cities as Sacramento, Cleveland and Atlanta have reported outstanding success with The Bill Cosby Show, a series of comic features which are broadcast on Monday through Friday nights between 7 p.m. and 9 p.m., local time.

In Cleveland, Ohio, radio station WIXY conducted a survey in its "WIXY GO" magazine, which is circulated to 10,000 persons. Results showd 87 per cent of teenagers interviewed like the show and are regular listeners.

The Bill Cosby Show gained a strong position in Sacramento on radio station KXOA. The show there is presented at 7:20 p.m., a previously hard-to-hold time period.

In fact, the latest Pulse rating survey for the three-county Sacramento metropolitan area showed KXOA leading all other stations in every daypart.

And in Atlanta, WQXI, the most popular youth station in the city, reports that more teenagers call in to comment favorably on The Bill Cosby Show than for any other reason.

"The success of these stations has been duplicated or exceeded by others in the country," commented R. Bruce Gilbert, Home Market magaer, Coca-Cola USA.

"They prove that, when it is properly positioned on youth radio, The Bill Cosby Show attracts an enormous and regular listening audience."

Among the regular features on the five-minute show are "Animal Interviews," in which Mr. Cosby is interviewed as though he were anything from an ant to an elephant; "Capt. Oh Wow," in which he answers imaginary letters; and "Spooky Stories," a spoof on terror tales. Some 200 radio stations across the country are featuring the series.

"Teeangers think the program is funny," added Gordon Link, McCann-Erickson, Inc., New York, advertising agency for The Coca-Cola Company.

"If they have a major complaint, it's that the programs are too short."

Reprinted from a 1968 article in The Coca-Cola Bottler.

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