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Broadcast 4th of July weekend 1988

(18th Anniversary Show)

Top 40 Artists that have charted in the Top 40 of the 60s and 70s and the Top 10 of 80s

(Special thanks to Michael Warner for this information)

Act First Top 40 Appearance Most Recent Top 40 Appearance (as of 25 June 1988)
1 Paul McCartney 1964:I Want To Hold Your Hand (The Beatles) 1986:Press
2 John Lennon 1964:I Want To Hold Your Hand (The Beatles) 1984:Nobody Told Me
3 Diana Ross 1963:When the Lovelight Starts Shining Through His Eyes (The Supremes) 1985:Missing You
4 Michael Jackson 1969:I Want You Back (Jackson 5) 1988:Dirty Diana
5 Stevie Wonder 1963:Fingertips (Part 2) 1987:Skeletons
6 Mick Jagger 1964:Tell Me (You're Coming Back) (The Rolling Stones) 1987:Let's Work
7 Rolling Stones 1964:Tell Me (You're Coming Back) 1986:One Hit (To the Body)
8 Barry Gibb 1967:New York Mining Disaster 1941 (Have Your Seen My Wife, Mr. Jones) (The Bee Gees) 1984:Shine, Shine
9 Marvin Gaye 1963:Hitch Hike 1983: Sexual Healing
10 Aretha Franklin 1961:Rock-A-Bye Your Baby With a Dixie Melody 1987:I Knew You Were Waiting (For Me) (Aretha Franklin and George Michael)
11 George Harrison 1964:I Want To Hold Your Hand (The Beatles) 1988:When We Was Fab
12 Neil Diamond 1966:Cherry, Cherry 1983:I'm Alive
13 Kenny Rogers 1966:Just Dropped In (To See What Condition My Condition Was In) (The First Edition) 1984:What About Me (Kenny Rogers with Kim Carnes and James Ingram)
14 Paul Simon 1965:The Sounds Of Silence (Simon & Garfunkel) 1987:You Can Call Me Al
15 Cher 1965:I Got You Babe (Sonny and Cher) 1988:We All Sleep Alone
16 Barbra Streisand 1964:People 1983:The Way He Makes Me Feel
17 Dionne Warwick 1962:Don't Make Me Over 1987:Love Power (Dionne Warwick and Jeffrey Osborne)
18 Smokey Robinson 1960:Shop Around (The Miracles) 1987:One Heartbeat
19 Gladys Knight 1961:Every Beat Of My Heart (The Pips) 1988:Love Overboard (Gladys Knight and the Pips)
20 James Brown 1960:Think 1986:Living In America
21 John Fogerty  1968:Suzie Q (Part 1) (Creedence Clearwater Revival) 1985:Rock and Roll Girls/Centerfield
22 Starship 1967:Somebody To Love (Jefferson Airplane) 1987:It's Not Over ('Til It's Over)
23 Bob Seger 1969:Ramlin' Gamblin' Man (Bob Seger System) 1987:Shakedown
24 The Spinners 1961:That's What Girls Are Made For 1980:Cupid/I've Loved You For a Long Time (Medley)
25 Linda Ronstadt 1967:Different Drum (The Stone Poneys Featuring Linda Ronstadt) 1987:Somewhere Out There (Linda Ronstadt and James Ingram)
26 Eric Clapton 1965:For Your Love (The Yardbirds) 1985:Forever Man
27 Tina Turner 1960:A Fool In Love (Ike and Tina Turner) 1987:What You Get Is What You See
28 Herb Alpert 1962:The Lonely Bull (El Solo Torro) (The Tijuana Brass Featuring Herb Alpert) 1987:Making Love In the Rain
29 Jermaine Jackson 1969:I Want You Back (Jackson 5) 1986:I Think It's Love
30 Bill Medley 1964:You've Lost That Lovin' Feelin' (The Righteous Brothers) 1987:(I've Had) The Time Of My Life (Bill Medley and Jennifer Warnes)
31 Billy Preston 1969:Get Back (The Beatles with Billy Preston) 1980:With You I'm Born Again (Billy Preston and Syreeta)
32 The Kinks 1964:You Really Got Me 1983:Don't Forget To Dance
33 Graham Nash 1966:Bus Stop (The Hollies) 1983:Stop In the Name Of Love (The Hollies)
34 Patti LaBelle 1963:Down the Aisle (Wedding Song) (Patti LaBelle and Her Blue Belles) 1986:Oh, People
35 The Moody Blues 1965:Go Now 1988:I Know You're Out There Somewhere
36 Robert Plant 1969:Whole Lotta Love (Led Zeppelin) 1985: Little By Little
37 Marty Balin 1967:Somebody To Love (Jefferson Airplane) 1981:Atlanta Lady (Something About Your Love)
38 Crosby, Stills and Nash 1969:Marrakesh Express 1982:Southern Cross
39 Cliff Richard 1959:Living Doll 1982:Daddy's Home
40 Jimmy Page 1966:Shapes of Things (The Yardbirds) 1985:Rockin' At Midnight (The Honeydrippers)

 This was the last special that Casey Kasem did for American Top 40 before being replaced by Shadoe Stevens, and it came just a few weeks after the "Newcomers of the 80s" special countdown. It seemed Specials were back at AT40 after being neglected during the middle part of the 80s.

 The criteria for this countdown was a bit odd. The act had to only hit the top 40 in the 60s and 70s but had to hit the top 10 in the 80s. The idea was to highlight acts that were still strong in the 80s plus weed out many acts that had managed to crack the top 40 in the 80s but not the top 10.

 There's quite a bit of repetition, solo acts and groups that the solo act came from could count the same songs. So we had cases like Mick Jagger/The Rolling Stones and Marty Balin/Starship. Also we had many solo acts that were members of the same group as well.

 It should be noted that had the countdown taken place later in the decade, a couple of acts would have qualified. These were the Beach Boys who hit #1 in 1988 with "Kokomo" and The Bee Gees who hit #7 in 1989 with "One".