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"Hello from Watermark. This is Chuck Olsen. We have a brand-new show that's straight out of the past. The name of our giant step backwards is SOUNDTRACK OF THE 60'S..."
Intro to 60-minute demo tape, 1980.
From June 1980 through June 1984, Watermark took listeners on a weekly three-hour journey through the decade that made us what we are today, with the movers and shakers, the music and music makers that made today possible.
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Murray The KGary Owens
Hosted first by MURRAY THE "K" (Kaufman), and succeeded by GARY OWENS, 'SOS' brought a little bit of the 60s into the 80s.

Distributed weekly on 3 stereo LPs.
Aired: June 7, 1980 - July 1984
Hosts: MURRAY THE "K" (June 1980 - Feb. (?) 1981
GARY OWENS (Feb (?) 1981 - July 1984)
CHARLIE TUNA (Guest host, last show, July 1984)

PRODUCERS: Rollye Bornstein, Janis Hahn


THEME MUSIC: Uncredited, poss. originated at Tuesday Productions

"REAL PEOPLE" - Murray and Gary "interviewed" real people about their specific memories of the 60s
"LAUGHTRAX OF THE 60s" - A short-lived feature during Murray's run as host, spotlighting a popular comic of the decade;
"THE 'K'-HAM PLAYERS" - Aired during Murray's era, and always at the start of the second hour. Murray would narrate a terror tale, complete with eerie music and sound effects, building up to the punch line, which was always the opening line of a hit song. Short-lived, but funny.
"SOUNDTRAX" - Mostly aired during the Gary Owens era. Gary would give an audio biography of a popular music act of the decade and play up to three of their biggest hits;
"FILMTRAX" (Official segment name) - Informally called "The Soundtrack of The 60s Screening Room," Gary would present a capsule outline of two popular films of the 60s, and play associated songs from the soundtrack;
"THE SOUNDTRACK OF THE 60s MALT SHOP" - During the last year of the series, Gary would play three hits from the 1950s. An ill-thought-out idea that had no place in a show about the 1960s, just like...
"SOUNDTRACK OF THE 70s" - Just what you think it is...three hits from the 1970s. As out-of-place as a segment about the 50s. Also aired during the final year.
"THE SOUNDTRACK OF THE 60s YEARBOOK"/"NEWSTRAX" - As originally aired, each hour of the show ended with a review of the top news events, and top 5 hits, "from 20 years ago this week." By the fall of 1980, the weeks were randomly selected, and only the top 3 hits for that week were played, 1 per hour. By the final year of the series, this feature aired only at the end of the 3rd hour.
FORMAT: 3 hrs on 3 stereo LPs w/cue sheets


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