Host: Terry McGovern

Produced by Bert Kleinman and Wolf Schneider

Executive Producer: Tom Rounds

Sponsor: Michelob (Anheuser-Busch), except for
Bob Seger episode (Sponsor: Columbia Pictures' "WHOLLY MOSES!")

Program length: 1 hr

Vinyl LP w/Cue sheets & song list

Theme: None

Demo disc: The Rolling Stones (never aired)

Demo cassette: Jefferson Starship

Program ident.: PRB (Profiles in Rock Broadcast)-80#-#

First show aired: PRB-801-1 -The Cars

Last First run show: Heart

Final show: Ted Nugent (repeat)

An excellent, but short-lived weekly 1-hour "rockumentary" featuring interviews and songs tied together with Terry McGovern's narration. A more straight-ahead version of the company's "Special Of The Week" series. It should have lasted longer.

PRB-801-1 - The Cars (1/3/80)

PRB-801-2 - Yes (1/10/80)

PRB-801-3 - Bad Company (1/17/80)

PRB-801-4 - Heart (1/24/80)

PRB-801-5 - Kansas (2/2/80)

PRB-801-6 - The Cars (repeat?)(2/9/80)

PRB-801-7 - Supertramp (2/16/80)

PRB-801-8 - Allman Bros. Band (2/23/80)

PRB-801-9 - Ted Nugent (3/1/80)

PRB-801-10 - Yes (repeat?)(3/8/80)

PRB-801-11 - Cheap Trick (3/15/80)

PRB-801-12 - Jefferson Starship (3/22/80)

PRB-801-13 - Boston (3/29)

PRB-802-1 - The Police (4/5)

PRB-802-2 - UNKNOWN (4/12)

PRB-802-3 - Frank Zappa (4/19/80)

PRB-802-4 - ZZ Top (4/26/80)

PRB-802-5 - Van Halen (5/3/80)

PRB-802-6 - Jethro Tull/Ian Anderson (5/10/80)

PRB-802-7 - Blondie (5/17/80)

PRB-802-8 - Pete Townshend (5/24/80)


PRB-802-10 - Bob Seger (6/7/80)

PRB-802-11 - UNKNOWN

PRB-802-12 - The Who (6/21/80)

PRB-802-13 - Foreigner (6/28/80)

PRB-803-1 - Journey (7/3)

PRB-803-2 - The J. Geils Band (7/10/80)

PRB-803-3 - The Charlie Daniels Band (7/17/80)

PRB-803-4 - Heart (7/24/80)(final first run show)

PRB-803-5 - Ted Nugent (repeat of PRB-801-9; final broadcast)

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