Side One:
The History of Marijuana
Acquiring Marijuana; General Effects
Physical Effects
Psychological Effects
Time and Space
Getting Hung-Up

Side Two
Eating Food
Listening to Music
Making Love
Physical and Intellectual Games

Produced and Directed by Ron Jacobs for Watermark, Inc.

Written by Jack S. Margolis and Jere Alan Brian
(Based on the book by Jack S. Margolis and Robert Clorfene
Published by Pocket Books, a division of Simon & Schuster, Inc.)

Production Supervisor Jac Holzman
Narrated by Michael Gwynne and Carl Esser

Electronic Music Composed and Realized by Alex Hassilev
The Dirty Dogs by Peter Bergman
Musical Direction: Cyrus Faryar and Stephen Cohn
All Orginal Music ©1971, Watermark Music (ASCAP)
Engineer: John Horton
Recorded at Increase Records' Farm Studio, Los Angeles, California

Featuring (In Order of Appearance)
Anton Greene - Carl Esser - Michael Gwynne - Ron Jacobs -
Jack S. Margolis - Cyrus Faryar - Anna Lee Austin - Dorna May
- Oz Knox - Dr. Franklin D. Wacco - George Savage - Marv Howard -
Tom Rounds - Mary Stone - Renais Faryar - John Horton -
Peter Gallway (Courtesy of Warner Bros. Records) - Alex Hassilev -
Murray Roman

Photo Stylist: John Balsley - Art Direction: Robert L. Heimall and William S. Harvey (a joint effort)
©1971 Elektra Records, 15 Columbus Circle, New York City 10023