June 1999 continued...

Sunday, June 13
7 pm:THE LONE RANGER "Sheriff of Marshville" w/BRACE BEEMER and JOHN TODD (6-13-41)/THE BURNS & ALLEN SHOW "Big Jake" w/GEORGE BURNS and GRACIE ALLEN (Pt. 1; 4-6-43)
8 pm: BURNS & ALLEN (Conclusion)/CASEY, CRIME PHOTOGRAPHER "Clue in the Clouds" w/STAATS COTTSWORTH (1945)
9 pm: THE SHADOW "Seance With Death" w/BRET MORRISON and GRACE MATTHEWS (5-25-47)/ THE ADVENTURES OF SUPERMAN! Ep. #78: "Mystery of the Pillar of Fire: The Plot Revealed (Conclusion)" w/CLAYTON "BUD" COLLYER 8-9-40)

Saturday, June 19
7 pm: ESCAPE! "Leinengen vs. the Ants" w/TUDOR OWEN (8-4-49) /FIBBER McGEE & MOLLY "Fibber is Sick" w/JIM and MARIAN JORDAN (Pt. 1; 10-1-46)
8 pm: FIBBER McGEE & MOLLY (Conclusion)/TALES OF THE TEXAS RANGERS "Play for Keeps" w/JOEL McCREA (9-2-50)

Sunday, June 20
7 pm: CHALLENGE OF THE YUKON "The Emerald in the Nugget" w/PAUL SUTTON (10-20-48)/MY FAVORITE HUSBAND "Is There a Baby in the House?" w/LUCILLE BALL and RICHARD DENNING (Pt. 1; 11-27-48)
9 pm: SUSPENSE "The Ten Grand" w/LUCILLE BALL (6-22-44)/ THE ADVENTURES OF SUPERMAN! Ep. #79: "Mystery of the Mayan Mummy: Jungle Ambush" w/CLAYTON "BUD" COLLYER (8-12-40)

Saturday, June 26
7 pm: GUNSMOKE "The Bum's Rush" w/WILLIAM CONRAD and PARLEY BAER (4-18-53)/THE GREAT GILDERSLEEVE "Short of Money" w/HAL PEARY (Pt. 1; 10-23-46)
8 pm: THE GREAT GILDERSLEEVE (Conclusion)/BOSTON BLACKIE "Larry the Kid vs. Savinni" w/DICK KOLLMAR and MAURICE TARPLIN (3-4-47)

Sunday, June 27
7 pm: DRAGNET "Missing Women" w/JACK WEBB and BARTON YARBOROUGH (9-5-49)/THE JACK BENNY PROGRAM w/JACK BENNY and all his gang and guest ORSON WELLES (Pt. 1; 3-17-40)
8 pm: THE JACK BENNY PROGRAM (Conclusion)/DIMENSION X "The Outer Limit" w/JOSEPH JULIAN (4-8-50)
9 pm: THE SHADOW "Death is a Colored Dream" w/BRET MORRISON and GRACE MATTHEWS(9-26-48)/THE ADVENTURES OF SUPERMAN! Ep. #80: "Mystery of the Mayan Mummy: Native Treachery" w/CLAYTON "BUD" COLLYER (8-14-40)

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