April 1999 continued...

Saturday, April 17
7 pm: PHILO VANCE, DETECTIVE "Poetic Murder Case" w/JACKSON BECK (8-24-48)/MY FAVORITE HUSBAND "Liz Learns to Drive" w/LUCILLE BALL and RICHARD DENNING (Pt. 1; 11-13-48)
8 pm: MY FAVORITE HUSBAND (Conclusion)/THE THIRD MAN (The Lives of Harry Lime) "Smugglers" w/ORSON WELLES (1952)

Sunday, April 18
7 pm: THE LONE RANGER "Santiago's Revolt" w/BRACE BEEMER and JOHN TODD (6-9-41)/DUFFY'S TAVERN w/ED "ARCHIE" GARDNER and guest MARLENE DIETRICH (Pt. 1; 3-2-49)
8 pm: DUFFY'S TAVERN (Conclusion)/GANGBUSTERS "The Case of Fierst-Lewis" (1940s)
9 pm: THE SHADOW "The Hoodoo Ship" w/BILL JOHNSTONE (10-19-41)/ THE ADVENTURES OF SUPERMAN! Ep. #70 w/CLAYTON "BUD" COLLYER (7-22-40)

Saturday, April 24
7 pm: GUNSMOKE "Jayhawkers" w/WILLIAM CONRAD, PARLEY BAER, and HOWARD McNEAR (4-4-53)/FIBBER McGEE & MOLLY "Airshow--Flying McGee" w/JIM & MARIAN JORDAN (Pt. 1; 6-4-46)
8 pm: FIBBER McGEE & MOLLY (Conclusion)/BOSTON BLACKIE "7 Years Bad Luck for Florence Wells, Musical Comedy Star" w/RICHARD KOLLMAR and MAURICE TARPLIN (2-18-47)

Sunday, April 25
7 pm: DIMENSION X "Nightmare" w/RITA LYNNE (6-10-51)/THE JACK BENNY PROGRAM "The Fiddler" w/JACK BENNY and all his gang (Pt. 1; 10-20-46)
8 pm: THE JACK BENNY PROGRAM (Conclusion)/THE FALCON "The Case of the Jumping Jack" w/LES DAMON (4-17-52)
9 pm: SUSPENSE "Cat and Mouse" w/SONNY TUFTS (3-30-44)/THE ADVENTURES OF SUPERMAN! Ep. #71 w/CLAYTON "BUD" COLLYER (7-24-40)

Saturday, May 1
7 pm: HAVE GUN, WILL TRAVEL "Maggie O'Banion" w/JOHN DEHNER (4-5-59)/THE GREAT GILDERSLEEVE "The Broken Heart" w/HAL PEARY (Pt. 1; 10-9-46)

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