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11/30/93 Top Ten Signs the Nanny You've Hired Is Really a Man

11/29/93 Top Ten Stores That Won't Do Much Business This Holiday Season

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11/22/93 Top Ten Demands of the Striking Flight Attendants

11/19/93 Top Ten Signs Al Gore is Loosening Up

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11/16/93 Top Ten Reasons Puerto Rico Does Not Want to Become a State

11/15/93 Top Ten Things Overheard at the New York City Marathon

11/12/93 Top Ten Signs Your Date Is Not Having a Good Time

11/11/93 Top Ten Disturbing Examples of Violence on TV

11/10/93 Top Ten Signs Ross Perot is Losing His Mind

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11/04/93 Top Ten Ways to Mispronounce 'Newt Gingrich'

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10/29/93 Top Ten Signs You Got a Bad Flu Shot

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10/25/93 Top Ten Reasons Canada Keeps Beating Us in the World Series

10/22/93 Top Ten Signs Hillary Is The Smartest Clinton

10/21/93 Top Ten Signs That The Guy Mugging You Has Never Mugged Before

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10/19/93 Top Ten Signs You Have a Dumb Dog

10/18/93 Top Ten Dan Quayle's Complaints About Clinton

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10/14/93 Top Ten Reasons I Can't Be Here

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