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The reviews (some of 'em, anyway...)
...Your collections of Stan's works have been fantastic!
-Len, Cary, NC

WOW -- I, a complete stranger and someone in no way connected with the offerer of this offer, can only say that anyone who does NOT take advantage of the generosity and utter unselfishness of this pillar of mankind has only themselves to blame.
Why even the padded mailer itself is more than worth your time -- and just wait till you hear what's inside.
stu h
(who has supplied this testimonial without compensation -- and most likely without sense)

Each order of any volume of the Uncollected Stan Freberg Collection is enclosed in a jewel case and sent in a padded mailer via the good old USA Postal Service, and is delivered to you by a uniformed representative of your federal government.

Sadly, your humble webmaster, try as he might, never has gotten the hang of online order forms. So, here's the next best thing: If you have a printer, print this form out, fill in the stuff that needs to be filled out, and mail it in with your order to the address at the bottom. Technology. Bah.
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___USFC 1The Uncollected Stan Freberg Collection, Vol. 1 -
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Under 30 copies remain
1. Stan Freberg answers your phone! (This is a little something to put on your answering machine, or can be used as a dandy burglar alarm. You decide.)
2. St. Freberg and the Do It Yourself Dragnet Contest (A Capitol Records in-house promotion)(w/June Foray and Byron Kane)
3. Point of Order (ORIGINAL single version)(w/Daws Butler)
4. Person to Pearson (likewise.)(w/Daws Butler)
5. Pass the Udder Udder
6. Wide Screen Mama Blues
7. Rock Around Stephen Foster
8. Ba-ba-ball and Chain
9. Comments For Our Time, Pt. 1 (w/Byron Kane, June Foray, Naomi Lewis)
10. Comments For Our Time, Pt. 2
11. The Boogie-Woogie Banjo Man From Birmingham
12. Abe Snake For President!
13. Tele-Vee-Shun (alternate version)
14. The Quest For Bridey Hammerschlaugen (w/June Foray)
15. Rumplemeyer Farms (a primer by Stan on how NOT to produce a radio commercial!)
16. Westinghouse Recruitment: "Toastal Engineering" (w/ending restored)
17-22: "More Here Than Meets The Ear" (1967, N.A.B.)
17: The Disaster Corp. of America (w/Bill Woodson)
18: The Disaster Corp. of America Returns! (w/Bill Woodson)
19: Do People Really Listen To radio Commercials? (w/Byron Kane)
20: Marshall McMedium Interview
21: The Electronic Dress (w/Naomi Lewis)
22: Miss Sarah Vaghan in Person! "Who Listens To Radio?" (arr. & conducted by Quincy Jones)
23: Zee paper products: "Weeny Weeny Voice" (w/Peter Leeds and June Foray)
24: Contadina Whole-Peeled Tomatoes: "The Whole Peeled Bounce" (w/The Hi-Los)
25: Butter-Nut Instant Coffee #1: "That's no act."
26: Butter-Nut Instant Coffee #2: "Spoon wants to be a fork and stab meat!!!"
27. Times Books: "It Only Hurts When I Laugh"
28: United Presbyterian Church: "The Vice President"
29: The Seeing Eye #1: "Taxi Access" (w/Betty White)[[e pluribus stereo]]
30: The Seeing Eye #2: "Restaurant Access" (w/Harry Shearer and Donavan Freberg)[[e pluribus stereo]]
31 - 46: "Hey, look us over!" 1965 CBS TV radio promos:
31: Hazel (w/June Foray)
32: The Steve Lawrence Show
33: Lost In Space (w/Al Kelly)
34: Green Acres (w/Eddie Albert)
35: My Three Sons (w/Byron Kane)
36: The CBS Thursday Night Movies (w/Frank Nelson)
37: The Wild Wild West
38: Hogan's Heroes (w/Bob Crane)
39: The Smothers Brothers Show (w/Helen Kleeb)
40: The Trials of O'Brien (w/Charles Lane)
41: The Loner (w/"Lloyd Bridges" [actor impersonated])
42: NFL (w/Herb Vigran)
43: Perry Mason/Ed Sullivan (w/Raymond Burr)
44: The Lucy Show/The Andy Griffith Show/The Dick Van Dyke Show
45: Petticoat Junction/Green Acres/The Beverly Hillbillies (w/Stan's brother-in-law, Buddy Ebsen)
46: The Jackie Gleason Show/The Red Skelton Show/The Danny Kaye Show (w/Naomi Lewis)
47: "Who Listens To Radio?" (excerpt from a Chuck Blore-produced Bekins promotional album)
All tracks mono except for those designated e pluribus stereo.
Cover and label designed by Murph.
___USFC 2The Uncollected Stan Freberg Collection, Vol. 2: 100 Million Moo-Cows CAN'T Be Wrong!
35 copies left
Read the liner notes HERE
1. A Peculiar Concert (Stan's first billed national radio apperance, on "The Henry Morgan Show," Oct. 29, 1947, ABC Radio)
2. Hollywood Nature Boy (TV apperance; never commercially recorded by Stan)
3. Ragtime Dan (Capitol F 1356 -B-side of "John and Marsha," 1951)
4.(When You And I Were Young) Maggie (Capitol F-1962, B-side of "Tele-Vee-Shun [original fade-out version]")
5. Gary, Indiana (Capitol F 3892, B-side of "Ya Got Trouble," 1958)
6. Puffed Grass Commercial #2 (featuring Daws Butler and The Jud Conlon Rhythmaires; from "The Best of The Stan Freberg Shows," Capitol WBO 1035 [out of print])
7-12: From "Oregon! Oregon! A Centennial Fable in Three Acts." Freberg Ltd. JB-2039-D5, -2040-D4
7. Oregon! Oregon!-Intro #2
8. Oregon! Oregon!-Overture
9. Oregon! Oregon!-Act I
10.Oregon! Oregon!-Act II
11.Oregon! Oregon!-Act III
12."Oregon! Oregon!"-alternate duet
13."Oregon! Oregon!"-reprise
14. Swimsuitsmanship (Rose Marie Reid sales record, #JB-2080-D1)(Thanks, Rich K. and Tom K.[no relation])
15-18: United Presbyterian Church in the U.S.A. "Three More Messages for Our Time." R-1400
15. Cut #1: A Personal Message from Stan Freberg
16. Cut #2: Is God Dead?
17. Cut #3: That's Some God
18. Cut #4: Just Checking
(Above 4 cuts produced by Freberg, Ltd. for The United Presbyterian Church)
19-21:"Stan Freberg Takes a Look (shudder!) at the Self-Improvement Movement." (Three audio essays by Stan Freberg. No. 101578. The Southern Baptist Radio-TV Commission, Ft. Worth, Texas.)
19: "California Tracts and Transcontinental Meditation."
20: "Werner Von Ersatz."
21: "Maharishi Cosgrove."
22-26: "Uncle Stan Wants You!" Freberg Ltd. GXTNY 80700 through 80703.
Commercials for The United States Army. 1962
22: Cut #1: Who Wants To Join The Army?
23. Cut #2: Why Should I Join the Army?
24. Cut #3: Lemme See That Comic Book
25. Cut #4: Whaddya Got Against the Army?
26. Cut #5: "Modern Army Song" (version 2)
(Above 5 cuts produced by Freberg, Ltd. for the U.S. Army; Modern Army jingle on cuts 1-4 sung by Peggy Taylor)
27. Stan Freberg Presents The Meaning of Christmas (Stan Freberg presents 4 of his favorite Christmas carols, with the Jud Conlon Chorale under the direction of Billy May. Stan solos on "O Come, All Ye Faithful". B-side of "Green Chri$tma$," Capitol F 4097 )
28. Face The Funnies (from "The Best of The Stan Freberg Shows")
(Special thanks to Warren Debenham and Norm Katuna for the discographical information)
There you have it...78:27 seconds of more Stan stuff. Take it or leave it. (Actually, we ARE scared silly that you might leave it.)
___USFC 3A/BThe Uncollected Stan Freberg Collection, Vol. 3: WOBURN! - Stan Freberg Radio Interviews and other stuff - 45 copies left
Disc 1:
1. Woburn! (A Salda Tea mini-musical in the tradition of "Omaha!", complete with the original cast.)
2. Interview: The Tonight Show with Johnny Carson
(probably 1970)
3. A Weekend With Stan Freberg, Part 1
4. A Weekend With Stan Freberg, Part 2

Disc 2:
1. A Weekend With Stan Freberg, Part 3
(Above 3 cuts are complete 1/2 hr. interviews from a Canadian public radio station. Lots of hits reprised here.)
2. "Freberg/Stamberg: The Interview!" (1/2 hr. NPR Special with Stan Freberg and Susan Stamberg, promoting Stan's upcoming radio special, "The New Stan Freberg Show.")
3. Tele-Vee-Shun (Unreleased version with original lyrics, quite different from the subsequent releases)
4. Terminex Intro (or "What Is Mr. Freberg Going To Do For Us?")
5. Contadina Tomato Paste: "The Mashed Tomato"
6. Mrs. Grass Soups: "Napoleon" (w/Byron Kane, Naomi Lewis, and Bill Woodson)
7. Jeno's Pizza: "The Jeno's 300"
8. GM Guardian Maintenance #1 (w/Charles Lane)
9. GM Guardian Maintenance #2 (w/Chas. Lane and Jesse White)
10. Religious Broadcasting Commission (RBC):"Ralph" (w/Naomi Lewis)
11. RBC: "Church Mouse #1" (w/Byron Kane)
12. RBC: "Church Mouse #2" (w/Byron Kane)
There you are: two discs with approx. 75 minutes each of more Freberg stuff than you can handle.
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