In addition to Hollywood Squares, Merrill Heatter and Bob Quigley also produced the following shows:

Amateurís Guide to Love (Host: Gene Rayburn, CBS)

Baffle (Host: Dick Enberg, NBC)

Bedtime Stories (Hosts: Al Lohman and Roger Barkley, syndicated)

Celebrity Game, The (with Four Star Television) (Host: Carl Reiner, CBS)

Double Exposure

Funny You Should Ask!!

Gambit (Host: Wink Martindale, CBS)

High Rollers (1974-80)(Host: Alex Trebek, NBC, syndicated)

Hollywood Squares, The (1966-81)(Host: Peter Marshall, NBC, syndicated)

Hot Seat (Host: Jim Peck, ABC)

Las Vegas Gambit (Host: Wink Martindale, NBC)

Magnificent Marble Machine, The (Host: Art James, NBC)

Name Droppers (Hosts: Al Lohman and Roger Barkley, NBC)

PDQ (Host: Dennis James, syndicated)

People Will Talk (with Four Star TV)

Runaround (Host: Paul Winchell, NBC)

Shenanigans (Host: Merrill Heatter, local NY version)

Shenanigans (Host: Stubby Kaye, ABC)

Showdown (with Four Star TV)(Host: Joe Pyne, NBC)

Storybook Squares (Host: Peter Marshall, NBC)

Temptation (Host: Art James, NBC)

To Say the Least (Host: Tom Kennedy, NBC)

Video Village (Hosts: Jack Narz, Monty Hall, CBS)

After the demise of Heatter-Quigley Productions, Merril Heatter
continued producing the following game shows:

All-Star Blitz (with Peter Marshall Enterprises)(Host: Peter Marshall, ABC)

Bargain Hunters (with Josephnson Communications)(Host: Peter Tomarken, ABC)

Battlestars/The New Battlestars (Host: Alex Trebek, NBC) 

High Rollers (1987-88) (with Century Towers Prods. and Orion TV)
(Host: Wink Martindale, syndicated)

Last Word, The (Host: Wink Martindale, syndicated)

...and the duo also co-produced the cartoon series "The Wacky Races" with Hanna-Barbera!

Bob Quigley died of Alzheimer's in February, 1989.