This is only one of a small handful of sites dedicated to the music and people that made Spanky And Our Gang worth listening to. There are, of course, others:

- STUIE'S HUMBLE HOMEPAGE: Stuart Scharf's Home On The Web
Stu, along with Bob Dorough, produced and wrote most of S&OG's finest recordings.

Oz Bach - a Tribute and Memorial
Bass player and co-founder of Spanky and Our Gang -
photos, links, stories, midis, lyrics, where to buy cd's.

Charles Wolff's Mini Home Page
The first fan page for Spanky and Our Gang.

Curleyfest - Concert Info
Details for upcoming concert, biographies, and lots of fun stuff.

Tunefan J.R.'s Fan Page
Nice, up-to-date Spanky and Our Gang fan page!