Spanky And Our Gang featuring Sunday Will Never Be The Same
(Released: 1967)
Mercury 61124
Anything You Choose 2:46
Lazy Day 2:50
(It Ain't Necessarily) Byrd Avenue 2:45
Trouble (from "The Music Man") 5:00
Sunday Will Never Be The Same 2:55
Commercial 1:20
If You Could Only Be Me 2:10
Makin' Every Minute Count 2:45
5 Definitions Of Love 2:40
Brother Can You Spare A Dime 5:05
Distance 2:33
Jet Plane 2:55
Come And Open Your Eyes 2:45

Singles from the album:
Sunday Will Never Be The Same (5/13/67)
Makin' Every Minute Count* (8/19/67)
Lazy Day (10/14/67)

*-In some markets, the flip side, "If You Could Only Be Me", also gained airplay, though not in substantial numbers for it to make the charts.