A "Smart" Toilet Seat?

Stan Freberg here. The world would be a happier place if tyrants like Saddam weren't around. Yeah, yeah, I know - terminating the head of a country is against the law. It is, eh? More after this. [:60 spot break]

Freberg here. They say Saddam can't be taken out because he moves around too much. Every night a new bunker under a different palace. Fine.

But consider this: A while back the Pentagon caught a lot of heat for allowing their suppliers to occasionally charge the military too much for trivial items. I recall a $200 ash tray, a $300 hammer, and - wonder of wonders - a $500 toilet seat!

But wait a minute! How do we know that wasn't supposed to have been an explosive toilet seat, for the CIA to somehow slip in and under Saddam Hussein?

Hunh. I don't think 500 bucks is too much for a "smart" toilet seat!

Stan Freberg here.

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