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Taco Bell In China?

Stan Freberg here. Sometimes Madison Avenue just doesn't understand how ad campaigns from America may not translate well in other countries, like China. Kentucky Fried Chicken's 'Finger-Lickin' Good' came out, 'Makes Your Fingers Fall Off.' Swell. [:60 SPOT BREAK]

A while back, Pepsi, trying to capture the China market, ran a campaign that had been very successful in America: billboards and TV ads that said, 'Pepsi--makes you come alive.' When the Chinese translated, it now read, 'Pepsi--makes your ancestors come back from the dead.' The campaign bombed.

Now, I hear PepsiCo, who owns Taco Bell, is thinking of running their Chihuahua campaign in China. Bad move. Over there, when they say, "It's what's for dinner," they don't mean beef; they mean Benji.

If Taco Bell runs those TV spots starring the little dog, the Chinese may say, 'Mmm, Chihuahua tacos. They look delicious.'

Stan Freberg here.

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