A Dinner For The Common Cold?

Stan Freberg here. There seems to have been an awful lot of benefit dinners lately for various illnesses, all worthwhile. But here's my question: Why doesn't anybody ever throw a black tie dinner for the common cold? More after this. [:60 spot break]

Freberg here. My wife and I are always going out to some disease dinner or another, but how about a thousand-dollar-a-plate fund raiser to whip the common cold, the one disease doctors admit has them baffled?

Linus Pauling, who won two Nobel Prizes, suggested massive doses of Vitamin C, which I believe in. But after all these years, the common cold is still an "orphan" disease.

Yeah, yeah, I know, drink lots of liquids, chicken soup, but that's what my mother suggested! Let's declare war on the common cold with a big black tie dinner. I feel a cold coming on and I don't want to hear from chicken soup.

For one thing, my insurance doesn't _pay_ for chicken soup.

Stan Freberg here.

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