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Clinton Cartoon Update

Stan Freberg here with a few Clinton cartoons. Roy Peterson of the Vancouver Sun shows Boris Yeltsin sitting at a Moscow bar with Clinton. Yeltsin says,, "My country doesn't understand me!" Clinton says, "Mine does." [:60 SPOT BREAK]

Freberg here. Lukovich of the Atlanta Constitution shows a panel of congressmen. Up above, a sign says, "House Impeachment Hearings." One of the congressmen is saying, "One final question, Miss Lewinsky--uh, are you doing anything tonight?"

And Markstein, of the Milwaukee Journal, shows the Statue of Liberty reading the Starr Report, with her eyes popping out of her head; while Jim Borgman shows the Lincoln Memorial, with Lincoln's eyes popping, and his hands over his ears.

And since Clinton's grand jury video, Michael Ramirez shows a clerk in a video store, holding Clinton's video. She says, "Should we put this in the 'Comedy' section, the 'Horror' section, or the 'Adult' section?"

Right. Stan Freberg here.

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