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The Nap Report

Stan Freberg here. If you get sleepy after lunch, don't feel guilty, you're not alone. Researchers say workers would do a better job if he'd let those eyelids fall for a brief nap. Think you'll have a hard time selling that to your boss? More ammunition, after this. [:60 SPOT BREAK]

Freberg again. Even though it runs counter to the U.S. work ethic, many researchers believe that adults should take a brief nap during the day. Bosses who equate the sight of a worker with his head on the desk with laziness are running way behind the curve.

In the workplace of the future, everybody will doze off for a few minutes each day to recharge their batteries. "I take a brief nap just about every day," says Gerald Salenti of the Socio-Economic Research Institute, a consulting firm that predicts trends. "Every culture used to nap before the industrial revolution," he says. Hey, you don't have to sell me, I take a nap every day.

Experts on sleep and attentiveness agree that a brief afternoon nap can eliminate many errors and accidents. Give your boss a copy of Canadian writer Linda Dado's book, "Losing Sleep." She notes that the circadian cycle draws us into sleep twice a day - middle of the night, middle of the afternoon. She says most accidents occur in those two periods.

On the cutting edge of the nap trend is Ben & Jerry's Ice Cream, up in Vermont, who keep futon beds in a special room, so workers can crash for a few minutes. Otherwise, they might be putting cherries in the "Rainforest Crunch."

Stan Freberg here.

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