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Buzz Aldrin--Second Man On The Moon?

Stan Freberg here. In the movie "Toy Story" is the character "Buzz Lightyear," but of course when they named him "Buzz," they had in mind the actual astronaut Buzz Aldrin who, I'm proud to say, is my friend. After this. [:60 SPOT BREAK]

Freberg here. When I'm with my friend Buzz Aldrin, the astronaut--who, as I said, is the namesake of "Buzz Lightyear," voiced by Tim Allen in the movie "Toy Story"--I've wondered over the years if he ever regrets not being the very first man on the moon.

On his historical flight on Apollo 11, I got the idea that Buzz, not Neil Armstrong, could have been the first man on the moon. As we sat talking recently, he said he is honored constantly by various groups that ask him to come speak all over the world. As a famous member of the Apollo 11 crew, Buzz's place in history is secure. But still, I wonder if he wishes...

Well, here's the scene as I imagine it: Neil Armstrong and Buzz Aldrin are in the hatch of the Eagle, which has just landed on the moon, with the whole world watching. Who will be the first man out on the moon? Neil says, "Go ahead, Buzz, after you." Buzz says, "No, no, Neil, you go first!" Neil says, "Really? It doesn't make any difference to me!" Buzz says, "No, go ahead, Neil, I'll be right behind you."

And so, Walter Cronkite said, "Somebody's coming down the steps now. It''s Neil Armstrong, first man on the moon!"

I say if you ever do this again, say on Mars, Buzz, don't be so polite!

Stan Freberg here.

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