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More Real Stupid Quotes

Stan Freberg here with more "Stupidest Things Ever Said." Howard Stern, interviewing one of the stars of "Beverly Hills 90210," Tori Spelling, asked "What is the capital of New York?" Tori Spelling: "Ummmm...New Jersey?" More, after this. [:60 SPOT BREAK]

Freberg again with more actual comments from the book, "The 776 Even STUPIDER Things Ever Said." Former Redskins quarterback and ESPN broadcaster Joe Theisman once said, "The word 'genius' isn't applicable to the game of football. A genius is someone like Norman Einstein." Okay, Joe, whatever you say...

And actress Brooke Shields told an interviewer, "I'm so naive about finances. Once, when my mother mentioned an amount, and she knew I didn't understand, she had to explain, 'That's like 3 Mercedes.' Then I understood."

And when George Bush was President, Ellis Milan, a tobacco distributor, said, "When President Bush talks about 'a thousand points of light,' I'd like to think those points of light are coming from the glowing ends of cigars, cigarettes and pipes, and symbolize the cornerstone of this nation--TOBACCO!" Hmm.

And starting quarterback for Florida State Casey Weldon, when told he would have a seat at the Grammy Awards next to Ringo Starr, said "Who's she?"

Finally, Yogi Berra, upon hearing his wife say she had been to see "Dr. Zhivago," said "What's the matter with you now?"

Until next time, Stan Freberg here.

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