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Another Freberg Language Update

Stan Freberg here with a language update. Apparently now, kids alternate the term "freaked out" with "weirded out," sometimes dropping the "out," as in, "My teacher weirded." Be right back. [:60 SPOT BREAK]

Freberg here with more Freberg language thoughts. I wonder, will the over-saturation of the "O.J." trial affect how we speak? When a wife at dinner is nagging her husband, will he now rise to his feet and say "Objection!", to which she will say, "Overruled"? If she accuses him of seeing another woman, will he now say, "Overruled, no foundation, let's move on, counsel"? When she says, "What about this evidence--lipstick on your shirt," will he now say, "It's yours, the DNA will bear me out"? And when the boss is in a meeting, will his secretary now tell a caller, "I'm sorry, he's sequestered"?

Turning now to more new kids words, according to William Safire, language pundit for the New York Times and one of my linguistic heroes, what we once called "bunk"--"baloney"--kids in some parts of the country have given another use. It means "yucky": "Eeeeww, how bunk!"

An extremely disgusting, or "bunk" thing, he says, would be the new word "vomitose": "Look at all the nose rings in that girl's nose, eeeww, that's vomitose!"

And here's a new term, Safire says, just coming in now to replace "I'm outta here!" or "I'm history!" You ready? "I'm archives!" Makes sense.

Well, I gotta run. Until next time, I'm archives.

Stan Freberg here.

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