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Another Political Cartoon Update

Stan Freberg here with a cartoon update from cartoonists around America. Donald Reilly in the New Yorker magazine shows two little kids smoking cigarettes. One is saying, "I was all set to quit, but when the bastards killed off Joe Camel, I swore 'NEVER!'" [:60 SPOT BREAK]

Freberg again. My friend Jim Borgman of the Cincinnati Enquirer shows a man and his wife watching the news. A TV reporter is saying, "This is day 27 in the nationwide manhunt for Milton Spam, the Omaha fugitive wanted for removing the tags from his sofa cushions." The man says to his wife, "It just doesn't pay to commit a crime in a slow news month."

And speaking of crime, in the New Yorker magazine again, Frank Cauthem shows two inmates in a cell in their upper and lower bunks. The guy in the lower says, "If the jury had been sequestered in a nicer hotel, this would probably never have happened."

Stan Freberg here.

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