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Killer Bees Update

Stan Freberg here with a "killer bees" update. Apparently, they're back. A California man was recently bitten 100 times - OUCH! Be right back. [:60 SPOT BREAK]

Freberg here. Billy Decker of San Bernadino, California was sure all the killer bees had been removed from his property. Oh, yeah?

Rummaging about in his backyard, he soon was the recipient of 100 bee stings! The rescue paramedics say he coulda died easily without immediate aid.

According to "politically correct" bee sources, killer bees now wish to be referred to by their real name: "Africanized honey bees." Hmm.

Maybe the bees heard the rummaging Decker refer to them as "killer bees," and they went nuts.

Along with being aggravated by power mowers and bulldozers, add "rummaging in the backyard" as a bee irritant.

I also wouldn't play any CDs, outside of the rock group "Sting."

Stan Freberg here.

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