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Cyber-Talk: Give It To My Son and Al Gore

Stan Freberg here with a little language update. Ther are a lot of new words these days coming off the country's preoccupation with the internet. Is a "website" some place where spiders hang out? More after this. [:60 SPOT BREAK]

Freberg again. My son Donavan, who talks around the world every day on his computer, via the "net," mentioned a certain "website". I asked, "Is that a place where Spider-Man lives?" After a withering look, he explained to me that a "website" is a certain place located on the internet. "Is that the same as 'whuh-whuh-whuh'?" I said.

"Daaad," he said, "that's 'WWW'--World Wide Web. Get with it! That's how you access somebody on the net. See, look here. Here's CNN's website: Here's the White House website: Al Gore wrote me a nice letter back on the internet."

Fine. Let my son Donavan and Al Gore have their cybertalk. My son, who has been computer literate since he was 7, has been dropping computer terms at dinner for a long time. Once, he said, "Excuse me, Dad, I'd like to access the butter." I said, "Fine, but have another megabyte of your veggies."

Computer terms are all around us. Any minute I'll see an ad for a chewbone that your puppy will find "user friendly."

And actually, I am on America Online; I keep forgetting to check my E-mail. If I could just remember my password...

Stan Freberg here.

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