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Political Cartoons: Tobacco, The Clintons, and Alien Invasions

Stan Freberg here with a few more cartoons from political cartoonists around America, whose comments reflect their point of view on the political scene. Am I the only guy with enough chutzpah to try and explain political cartoons on radio? Prob'ly. After this. [:60 SPOT BREAK]

Freberg here. First political cartoon is from Mike Smith of the Las Vegas Sun as a comment on Bob Dole, saying cigarettes are addictive for some people, but not others. Mike shows Dole saying, "It's this tobacco issue! The White House is attacking me, the press is all over my case, the whole thing is driving me nuts! I need a cigarette!"

Pat Oliphant shows Socks, the Clinton's cat, commenting to Oliphant's famous little bird. Socks is saying, "Hidden amongst all those F.B.I. files is the name of the one person they wanted to get something on." The bird says, "So whose file would that be, Socks?" The cat says, "Bob Dole's dog."

Finally, as a comment on how all the Whitewater investigations, "Filegate", and numerous scandals don't seem to affect the Clintons' ratings, which continue to remain high, Mike Lukovich of the Atlanta Constituion shows the U.F.O. hovering over the White House, as featured in the movie "Independence Day." The White House is demolished, and up out of the rubble come Bill and Hillary, smiling and waving. One of the aliens is saying, "Boy, those Clintons are resilient!"

Stan Freberg here.

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