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"Y2K" Update

Stan Freberg here. A year ago, I warned about the global ticking time bomb when the year 2000 rolls around.* Now the feds say they're spending billions to try and fix it. Finally listened to Freberg, eh? [:60 SPOT BREAK]

Computer scientists around the globe are in a race to fix the "Year 2000" problem, or as it's now called, "Y2K."

Like a sluggish Rip Van Winkle finally awakening, the U.S. government is spending over 4 billion to try and fix Y2K before December 31st, 1999. Private industry is spending 50 billion.

In the beginning, to conserve space, programmers just used the last two digits of a year. Bad move. At midnight 2000, computers may not recognize the last two digits "00", and cease to function.

Supposedly, there are 180 billion places to be fixed. Midnight of '99, I'm going up to the top of my building, and listen to all the computers crash.

Some "Happy New Year," eh?

Stan Freberg here.

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*-See "Defusing The Software Time Bomb" (1996 Archives)