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Cartoon Update: Patton, "The Bite of the Century", and so on...

Stan Freberg here with a few political cartoons. MacNeely of the Chicago Tribune shows a World War II General Patton in front of a huge flag. He's saying, "Ahem...But I can't go with you, men. You see, I had this fling with a dancer in Morocco..." [:60 SPOT BREAK]

Freberg again. Here's a cartoon on Mike Tyson and "The Bite of the Century." Bob Rogers of the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette shows the new head of Hong Kong with Prince Charles, just after he'd turned the city over to the Chinese. Pointing to Charles's large ears, he tells the Prince, "Better keep those things away from Mike Tyson...they're all you have left of your empire!"

And my friend Mike Peters of the Dayton Daily News shows Lady Di's dress auction. A man and his wife stare at a familiar-looking basketball player wearing a dress, walking off with a pile of gowns. The man's wife says, "Unfortunately, the only one who can afford them is Dennis Rodman."

Stan Freberg here.

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