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Camel With A Solar Panel

Stan Freberg here. Sometimes, modern technology and the old world make strange bedfellows, like solar energy and an old-world camel. Huh? When I come back. [:60 SPOT BREAK]

Freberg agagin. Camels have been around since Biblical times--not the kind you smoke, the kind with two humps. In the Sahara desert, for example, the main means of transportation is not a Jeep or a Range Rover, but a camel.

So, here in the New York Times recently was a picture of a man in desert robes and turban, leading a camel behind him, but there was something rather "high-tech" about what the camel was carrying on his back. It was a large solar panel, above a box of some kind.

The story says that the man and his camel are a traveling medical clinic, which use the energy of the sun, via the camel's solar panel, to supply electricity. This is what kept the portable refrigerator, also on the camel's back, running, so that the vaccines inside the refrigerator stay cold. Wow!

This is one of the most incongruous pictures I've ever seen. A solar panel bumping around on top of a camel's hump, on top of his refrigerator, and apparently the technology works! The camel has a look on his face that says he could care less, you know, but he probably wonders, "What's all this weird stuff I'm lugging around lately? Some of it feels hot, and some of it feels cold!" Hmm. I say, whatever works.

That's all from the "solar camel" desk.

Stan Freberg here.

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