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Enjoy Your Severely Edited In-Flight Movie

Stan Freberg here. Northwest Airlines made a decision recently - no movies on domestic flights. Sounds okay to me. I always sleep through the movie anyhow. But that reminded me of how airlines cut scenes from some movies. [:60 SPOT BREAK]

Northwest has decided the novelty of in-flight movies has worn off. Although some passengers may be upset, it's true most people would rather read, get out their laptop, or just nap...that's me. Although I once stayed awake to watch the movie "Rain Man," which I'd already seen.

Surprise! You know the part where Tom Cruise tries to drag a screaming Dustin Hoffman onto an airplane, but it's so traumatic to Hoffman, who's afraid to fly, they end up driving clear across the country? That whole scene was cut by American Airlines. No explanation; all of a sudden they're just driving.

At least Northwest doesn't have to worry about censoring movies, because there won't be any movies!

Stan Freberg here.

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