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Odd News: Pigeons, Pizza and so forth...

Stan Freberg here with a few odd news items, about microwave ovens, pigeons, pizza and an oddball lawsuit. Oh, they're not all the same story. When I come back. [:60 SPOT BREAK]

Freberg again. First of all, how much pizza do you think Americans eat? Well, we eat a hundred and ninety-two million slices of pizza a week, or roughly a million slices an hour.

Who is it that measures this stuff?

Next, in Lima, Peru, a man has sued three policemen who stopped him from commiting suicide. Juan Aleago, 44, was rescued from the ledge of a building he was trying to jump from, but now he's suing the three policemen for $700,000 each, because the ungrateful guy says they invaded his privacy! Get out of here, Juan! Have a slice of pizza, and get on with your life!

Finally, a story out of France claims that thousands of prize-winning homing pigeons become lost every year, and experts believe microwave ovens may be to blame. Hmm.

Recently, 5000 racing pigeons were released from Nevers, France, for what should have been a 14-hour flight back home to England; but more than a month later, many of the birds still have not arrived. Since the pigeons use the Earth's magnetic field to navigate, experts suspect the lost birds were foiled by radar signals, or microwave ovens.

Well, it's very simple: the pigeons will have to make sure their flight plan is over non-microwave houses. Either that, or they'll have to walk.

Stan Freberg here.

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